Decrease your office stress while increasing your overall well-being and productivity! Most people suffer from stress at work. During stressful situations, our breathing changes. Hyperventilation or apnea can impact on our heart rate and cause uncomfortable feelings and tension. The O2CHAIR can help employers and employees manage this stress.

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How do you manage stress at work? 

51% of adults who feel stressed report feeling depressed, and 61% report feeling anxious. Our chair reduces staff stress levels in as little as 10 minutes, boosting endorphins, mood and increasing overall productivity and wellbeing. Many techniques exist to find calmness but O2CHAIR is the one and only solution in the world that can help employers and employees easily manage their stress. 


Increase your business productivity 

A short recharge enables one to revitalize oneself and brings the necessary energy to increase working capacity and ability to focus. Just 10 to 20 minutes can relieve mental stress built up during your workday, which enhances creativity and increases performance. 

Increase your office staff oxygen levels 

The oxygen levels in your office can decrease towards the middle of the day, therefore affecting your overall health and productivity. The O2 Chair provides pure, filtered oxygen during your session, which in combination with voice-led meditation and soothing massage increases lung capacity and boosts mood and alertness.

Jason Lamy Chappuis - French Skiing Champion

“… a real efficient way to relax, to get rid of the stress and at the same time getting an oppotrunity to learn how to breathe without effort. This is amazing!"

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